General Dentistry in Boynton Beach at Recovery Dentistry

General dentistry is the foundation, the “heart” of our dental practice. Our general dentistry practice includes the following treatment procedures and services:

Digital Dental Radiographs (X-rays)

Using the most up-to-date advancements in digital dental x-ray technology, we are able to accurately diagnose many dental diseases. Digital x-rays have many advantages over traditional film x-rays, most notably, a 90% reduction in radiation exposure. Additionally, digital dental radiographs allow Dr. Alexander to:

  • Educate patients and facilitate discussion using a digital monitor
  • Communicate electronically with dental specialists and insurance companies
  • Avoid chemical and lead waste, contributing to an environmentally friendly office
  • Begin treatment more quickly – with no need to wait for film to develop

Dental Cleaning and Checkup

Excellent oral health begins with proper cleaning (prophylaxis), care and maintenance. Dr. Alexander and staff dental hygienists, Tammy and Vicki, diagnose and treat each patient based on their unique needs. Each cleaning and checkup appointment includes:

  • Gentle and thorough cleaning, along with home care recommendations
  • Oral cancer screening, including head and neck areas, inside your mouth along gums, cheeks, tongue, and visible areas of your throat
  • Gum (periodontal) health evaluation and screening, with periodontal measurements
  • Cavity (caries) check, with examination of all biting, tongue and cheek tooth surfaces
  • Bite (occlusion) screening to determine wear on teeth

Mercury-Free Fillings

As a mercury-free practice, Dr. Alexander uses only tooth-colored composite resin to fill cavities or to replace weakened or old mercury fillings. If you want to replace old mercury fillings for cosmetic reasons, Dr. Alexander will carefully remove them and replace them with composite resin, which strengthens the weakened tooth and matches your tooth’s natural color.


When a tooth is broken, extensively decayed, or the remaining tooth structure is too weak for a filling, Dr. Alexander will recommend a crown to restore the tooth. A crown is a tooth-shaped cap that fits over damaged tooth to restore the tooth’s size, shape, function, and strength. The crown is cemented in place, covering the entire tooth above the gum line.

Crowns can be made of all porcelain, porcelain fused to gold, or porcelain fused to zirconium; porcelain crowns are the most natural looking. Dr. Alexander makes the determination of material based on a patient’s bite and esthetic considerations. He will always discuss his recommendations with you before reaching a decision on the best material for your crown.