Full Mouth Restoration at Recovery Dentistry of Palm Beach

Full Mouth Restoration for Individuals in Recovery

A New Smile for a New You

Once you are in recovery, it is a scary time. You are demonstrating to yourself and others that you can overcome the temptation to use. The future is more hopeful if you are making changes to avoid the patterns of your former life and if you are taking steps to be healthy in every way. Achieving a confident, beautiful smile will help you feel like a new person and help you face the many challenges of life.

As long as you remain in recovery, we will support you in every way we can to achieve your oral health goals.

The oral health problems of those who neglected their oral health, nutrition, and whole body wellness during addiction are often multiple, and treatment commonly involves multiple staged procedures that begin with fighting active infection and restoring health to the periodontal gum tissue and bone tissue so teeth can be restored or replaced. With today’s dentistry, amazing results can be achieved, and in the care of a fine restorative dentist, the results will predictably last.

The first step is a comprehensive diagnostic work-up to understand all the circumstances of your special mouth. The second step is the development of a comprehensive treatment plan in which you are a collaborative part—and during which we can begin primary treatment for present dental and gum disease. The third step will be management of your disease-free mouth and the first phase of restoring damaged and missing teeth. Focus will be on achieving optimal results through coordinated phases of treatment that maximize efficiency and minimize cost.

How Full Mouth Restoration Works

By combining various procedures, Dr. Alexander can fully restore your smile and dental function. There are numerous procedures he may need to do, but which ones will be based on your specific needs, including periodontal treatment to combat gum infection; tooth-colored composite fillings and bonding; root canals to remove infection from tooth roots; extraction of teeth that are too damaged to be restored; crowns to cover damaged teeth; crown and bridge treatment, removable dentures, or dental implant retained prosthetic teeth to replace missing teeth; bite splint therapy to stabilize your jaw joints and relieve muscle pain; and orthodontics to align your teeth. You may additionally benefit from cosmetic procedures such as teeth whitening and veneers.

Your individualized treatment plan will be fully explained to you with the WHY and HOW of each procedure explained. You will not be pressured to accept treatment. Dr. Alexander will be honest and forthright. You will remain in control. Oftentimes, extensive dentistry, like full mouth restoration, can be done in affordable phases or financed. We’ll be happy to tell you more.

We believe every patient should be offered the highest standard of care and that you are a special person deserving of comfort, health, full function, and confident appearance. We believe your dentistry should last, and Dr. Jamie Alexander knows this can be achieved through a comprehensive plan to solve your unique complex of oral health problems. This is his mission…to achieve a comfortable, healthy, beautiful and fully functional smile for you.

Complimentary Initial Consultations

We offer a no-fee initial consultation so you can get to know Dr. Alexander and he can get to know you. You have the option of starting with just an initial conversation or of starting with a conversation, followed by a comprehensive oral health exam in the same appointment. If you schedule the latter, the appointment will last about 90 minutes and you will be expected to pay for the comprehensive exam and necessary digital x-rays.

New Patient Information is on our website, and we want you to feel comfortable speaking with us about financial concerns. To learn more about an appointment, payment for services, and the comprehensive exam fee, please call 561-732-8877.