Dr. Jamie Alexander's Story

I have had a keen interest in chemical dependency since initially studying the subject in two Integrated Social Science (I.S.S.) courses during my undergraduate studies at Michigan State University. In dental school at the University of Michigan, we had several lectures on chemical dependency during our Pharmacology and Psychology courses. Again, my interest was piqued. But it was not until I had the opportunity to work with and positively help several patients in my practice that I became immersed in learning all I could about their special circumstances and how I might make a real difference as a health care provider.

I have a dedicated focus within my general dental practice on dentistry for those affected by drug and alcohol dependency. To serve my patients to the best of my ability, I made a personal commitment to seek additional formal education. I am proud to have earned a Certification in Addiction Studies from the University of Michigan Master’s Program within the School of Social Work. This formal education, coupled with my life experiences with people I deeply care about and patients who have come to me with chemical dependency, have motivated my decision to specialize in this unique dental practice.

Our Team

Dr. Alexander has a wonderful staff – all have been touched in some way by the disease of addiction. You will find each of them to be compassionate, helpful, and non-judgmental, supportive of all of our patients in recovery who may need some extra special care.

The Team: Wendy, Sue, Janice, Dr. Alexander, Vicki, Nettie, and Tammy

What We Stand For

Our practice is committed to providing the best dental health care available within a warm, welcoming, and safe environment.

To meet these goals, we base our service on a philosophy of practice that includes these principles:
  • All patients want to save their teeth.
  • All patients desire health, comfort, function, and beauty.
  • All patients deserve respect and compassion, no matter what their oral health history and circumstances.
  • All patients deserve to feel safe and comfortable, as do all care team members assisting patients.
  • All patients deserve the best of care and with the finest dentistry that fits their best long-term interests, taking into account the patient’s desires and circumstances.
  • All patients want to be informed about options to be involved in making choices.
To meet the goals of providing the best dental health care within the best environment, we proactively do these things:
  • We intentionally create a comfortable experience, free of typical discomforts associated with
  • We actively listen to each patient’s concerns, and address them as a priority.
  • No care begins before a firm cause and effect is determined, to ensure a successful outcome.
  • We collaborate with our patients, educating and assisting them to choose their ideal treatment.
  • We use the most advanced science, techniques and materials.
  • We take great strides to respect each patient’s time and financial commitments.
  • We communicate with our patients about establishing and maintaining oral health. And, we prescribe any special tools and materials needed for home care.
  • We participate in formal learning opportunities to advance our technical, communication, and organizational skills.
  • We foster an environment in which each team member plays an integral role and is encouraged to create and revise systems to promote a successful practice.
These principles and practices have enabled us to build long-term relationships with patients and to provide services that are customized and appropriate for each individual. They have enabled us to work successfully through phases of dentistry with patients who have complex dental problems. And, they have allowed us to successfully offer a recovery dentistry niche, within our general practice, to serve patients who are recovering from addiction. We invite everyone in the Boynton Beach community to visit us and feel for themselves the warmth and sincerity of the entire team. Dr. Jamie Alexander has the competence and confidence to address your dental needs and desires whether they are a simple cleaning or filling—or the more complex treatment of TMD or multiple damaged and missing teeth. His cosmetic makeover of smiles includes making sure the teeth work functionally well together to ensure our patients’ maximum comfort and to provide long-lasting results. Dr. Alexander has a deep understanding of human emotions, PTSD and addiction behaviors, and systemic health issues that can influence a patient’s dental experience and ultimately, their acceptance of care.