Restoring Tooth Enamel with Fluoride Treatment

How Fluoride Treatment Can Help Restore Tooth Enamel It’s not at all unusual for those who are recovering from drug addiction or alcoholism to have

The Recovery Patient-Dentist Relationship

The Recovery Patient and Recovery Dentist Relationship By Jamie J. Alexander, D.D.S. Many a recovery patient finds themselves in my chair when they have a

Nicotine Addiction in Recovery

The Myths and Facts about Nicotine Addiction By Jamie J. Alexander, DDS, Many of my dental patients in drug or alcohol recovery are addicted to

Recovery and Insomnia

How to deal with insomnia in recovery Many in recovery suffer from insomnia, and therefore find it difficult to fall and stay asleep at night.

On Recovery and Dentistry

I have had a keen interest in chemical dependency, addiction, and recovery since initially studying the subject in two Integrated Studies (I.S.S.) courses during my

Pain Pills and Dentistry

Dentist’s today are generally in too much of a hurry; quick to diagnose a problem and quick to treat (operate). When there is not enough

Understanding Chemical Dependency and Oral Health

Chemical dependency is highly correlated with extended periods of poor nutrition, lapses in oral hygiene, infrequent dental care, and increased incidence of dental cavities, gum