Learn more about the dangers of tooth decay due to alcoholism, at Recovery Dentistry of Boynton Beach
December 14, 2016

Have Concerns about Tooth Decay from Alcoholism?

Now that you are in recovery from alcoholism, you may be wondering why your teeth became decayed during your period of alcohol abuse. The majority of alcoholic beverages contain sugar, the primary cause of demineralization of tooth enamel. During your time of drinking you may have binged and vomited, which caused high levels of acid in your mouth, exposing tooth enamel to erosion. And, since your faculties were impaired, oral health was likely a low priority. The longer optimal oral hygiene lapsed and professional dental cleanings were delayed, the greater the opportunity there was for enamel erosion.

Dental decay is a progressive disease that will not stop until it is treated. A cavity will grow unless damaged tooth enamel is removed, oral bacteria is eliminated from the site of the cavity, and the cavity is packed with a protective filling or the “clean” tooth is covered with a protective crown.  Dr. Jamie Alexander—Boynton Beach, Florida’s “recovery dentist,” compassionately restores teeth with tooth-colored fillings and crowns. If decay or other damage is too extensive for these treatments, dental implant treatment may be the optimal way to replace the unhealthy tooth. Traditional treatments for a lost tooth—a fixed bridge supported on crowned adjacent teeth or a removable denture, also may be discussed as appropriate alternative treatments.

Did you know? Alcohol contains sugar, the main cause of tooth enamel loss

Do you have painful teeth and see the signs of decay when you look in the mirror? Do you want a nice, healthy smile again? Do you long for compassionate care by a dentist who understands your situation and respects your bravery to live a new life in recovery? If you are in recovery from alcoholism, we invite you to contact Dr. Jamie Alexander of Boynton Beach, FL today at 561-732-8877 to schedule a free consultation.


Dr. Jamie Alexander

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