Alcohol, Teeth Damage, and Gum Disease - Learn more at Recovery Dentistry of Boynton Beach | Dr. Jamie Alexander
January 4, 2017

Teeth Damage and Alcoholism: 4 reasons you need special care.

There are four primary reasons why many dental patients in recovery are in need of special care and treatment for long standing gum disease and other teeth damage related to chronic alcoholism:

  1. Alcohol abuse irritated their gum tissue.
  2. While abusing alcohol, their tendency was to let proper oral hygiene and regular dental visits lapse. Plaque development on their teeth led to gum inflammation.
  3. Eating a nutritious diet was also a low priority so their immune systems were not working effectively, allowing oral inflammation to advance.
  4. They ignored the early signs of teeth damage and did not receive the treatment they needed to prevent gum infection from spreading.

Because infectious oral bacteria travel through your blood stream to foster inflammation throughout your body, treatment of gum disease will lower the risks of developing systemic health problems, including heart disease, diabetes, and immunological disorders. Many studies have shown that when gum health is restored, other disease conditions improve significantly.


Dr. Jamie Alexander

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