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Tips for beating insomnia when in recovery from drug addiction | Dr. Jamie Alexander

Recovery and Insomnia

How to deal with insomnia in recovery

Many in recovery suffer from insomnia, and therefore find it difficult to fall and stay asleep at night. Yet, sleep is beneficial to whole body and mental wellness. Dr. Jamie Alexander suggests 10 ways to modify your neurological activity during nighttime hours.

  1. A white noise machine or quietly humming fan helps many go to sleep and stay asleep.
  2. If you find you cannot sleep, do not obsessively think about the fact that you can’t sleep while lying awake in bed. Rather, get up and read or listen to soft music in another room until you feel sleepy.
  3. Cut back on caffeine and sugar consumption.
  4. Eat nutritious foods frequently throughout the day and even evening.
  5. Eliminate nicotine.
  6. Exercise regularly and keep moving throughout the day, reserving sleep for nighttime.
  7. Talk to your recovery group and counselor about your insomnia and the worries that contribute to your wakefulness.
  8. No matter what you do, do not use alcohol or drugs to induce sleep. Alcohol contributes to interrupted sleep, and both contribute to addiction.
  9. No matter what your faith tradition, prayer is a powerful way to displace worries and allow your mind and body to rest.
  10. Trust that through prolonged recovery, your body will return to normal circadian rhythms that allow you to sleep better at night.

Sometimes insomnia can be linked to a specific dental condition, like teeth grinding. If you are concerned about grinding your teeth at night, give Dr. Alexander a call at (561) 732-8877 or schedule an initial consultation here.