Routine dental cleaning for patients in South Florida in recovery from drug addiction or alcoholism

Dental Cleaning at Recovery Dentistry

At the office of Dr. Alexander, he and his expert dental hygienists will precisely diagnose, plan and treat each patient based on their unique needs. We have long known that individualized care and maintenance are the foundation to excellent oral health.  We evaluate and treat each patient with this individualized approach each time  we clean your teeth, examine your gum tissues, counsel you on your specific oral hygiene needs, and provide any needed gum treatment to improve the health of your gum tissue and the jawbone that supports your teeth.

The purpose of clinical dental cleaning is to remove harmful plaque and calculus that has built up on the surfaces of teeth and has or will foster bacterial irritation and infection in the periodontal tissue supporting teeth. If infection sets in, inflamed gums and damaged bone leads to loose and lost teeth. Unfortunately for many in recovery the consequences of neglecting periodontal health during addiction have made it difficult to save teeth.

Dental Cleaning, Diagnosis, Treatment Planning and Care
—with Compassion and Genuine Care

We will do everything we can to save viable teeth with maintenance care and restorative treatment, to improve bone and gum health, and to make it possible for you to eat and smile confidently with replacement of lost or severely damaged teeth using quality prosthetics. For many in recovery, this means we will need to first clean and treat your mouth to stop the active diseases of (caries/dental decay, gingivitis/gum inflammation, and periodontitis/advanced gum infection). Sometimes dental specialists are part of this care. Dr. Alexander communicates closely with preferred specialists and oversees your individualized comprehensive plan to make sure you are treated with the kindness and respect you deserve and to make sure you become well again.

Comfortable, Comprehensive Cleanings

The gentle and thorough care we provide during prophylaxis (cleaning) appointments, as well as our home care recommendations, are individualized and creative. Our technicians Vicki and Tammy use the latest proven techniques, materials and instrumentation to ensure each patient experience is thorough and comfortable. This gentle approach is critical for patients that experienced addiction and may have sensitive teeth and painful gum tissue.

When you come to us for the first time, we will schedule a cleaning, and based on Dr. Alexander’s findings, we will schedule when your teeth should be cleaned and/or gum tissue examined again. Our thoroughness every time you come for a cleaning includes an exam by Dr. Alexander that involves:

  • An Oral Cancer Screening – head and neck areas, as well as inside your mouth along gums, cheeks, tongue and visible areas of your throat.
  • A Periodontal (Gum Health) Screening – with periodontal (gum) measurements
  • A Dental Caries (Cavity) Check– looking at visible areas on the biting, tongue and check surfaces.
  • An Occlusion (Bite) Screening– looking for increased signs of wear on teeth

Dr. Alexander will always ensure that there is time to address any questions, concerns, or comments, any updates on your oral and dental health, and any changes you have noticed since your last visit.

For more information about dental cleanings, periodontal exams, and treatment of gum disease, or to make an appointment, please call 561-732-8877.