Comprehensive dental exams in Boynton Beach for those recovering from heroin, meth, cocaine, or alcohol addiction

Comprehensive Dental Exams at Recovery Dentistry

Our dental exams may be unlike anything you have experienced before or even imagined. This is because Dr. Jamie Alexander spends a lot of time with each patient, gently learning about you, your hopes, and your needs. This is also because Dr. Alexander is uniquely qualified to help you.

Dr. Alexander has a special relationship with those in recovery. These special patients, who have been affected by drug and alcohol dependency, are brave people, deserving of his focus on their individual needs. In addition to his doctorate in dentistry, Dr. Alexander earned Certification in Addiction Studies from the University of Michigan within the School of Social Work. This formal education, coupled with his own life experiences with people he deeply cares about, motivates him to provide the niche service of Recovery Dentistry inside his general dentistry practice.

The Non-Judgmental Pre-Clinical Conversation

You are a special person with a unique history and oral health circumstances. The pre-exam conversation will be an opportunity for you to get to know Dr. Alexander and he you. Your anonymity will always be protected. In fact, your special time with Dr. Alexander can be scheduled when no one else is scheduled.

People who have recovered from chemical dependency to opiates have special needs, especially in pain management. Establishing a good pre-treatment rapport is extremely important to this management. Also important, is developing an understanding of your oral health objectives. Dr. Alexander will be focused on providing you the care required to restore your oral health and in so doing eliminate pain, provide strong dental function, and create a beautiful smile. He will be focused on helping you have the dentistry you desire and executing conservative treatment in such a way that it is efficiently performed and excellent results will be long lasting. He promises to be forthright with information and honest so you know exactly what is required of you and what can be achieved.

The New Patient Exam

New patient dental exams are 90-minute appointments. You may have some anxiety when you come for your first appointment, and we will do everything we can to make your feel at home. Dr. Jamie Alexander will do a thorough exam, share with you his clinical findings, and guide you in what should happen next to meet your oral health goals. The clinical part of the exam will be preceded by consultation time, just privately talking one-on-one with Dr. Alexander reviewing his findings regarding your health and dental history.

The Detailed Exam and Comprehensive Diagnosis

It’s common for those in drug addiction recovery to have multiple and severe dental problems such as advanced tooth decay, excessively worn down and cracked teeth from stress clenching and grinding, and advanced gum disease. In order to determine all of the factors contributing to the condition of your mouth, Dr. Alexander will need to conduct a thorough, detailed examination. A correct diagnosis of your needs will be needed. Dr. Alexander will not simply examine and address each tooth separately, but also the gum tissue and bone tissue that supports your teeth. He will also examine the other soft tissue of your mouth and evaluate the jaw muscles and joints.

When Dr. Alexander visually examines your teeth and the digital x-rays we take, he will look for cracks and structural flaws, signs of excessive wear from teeth grinding or tooth-on-tooth contact, and signs of decay. He will examine your gum tissue, looking for the telltale signs of periodontal disease, including gum recession, bleeding, inflammation, and redness. He will also search for small red or white lesions on the other soft tissue of your mouth, which are signs of possible oral cancer. He will palpate your jaw muscles looking for tenderness—as this can be indicative of clenching, grinding, poor occlusion (how your teeth come together when you bite), and problems of the jaw joint.

As he is examining your digital x-rays and your mouth, he will converse with you about what he is finding and the possible causes of any uncovered problems. He will need some time after your first appointment to develop a treatment plan for your special mouth so you will be invited back for a second appointment to learn about the treatment plan he recommends. Any discovered dental or gum disease should be treated as soon as possible to halt the progression of the disease so he will recommend prompt treatment and clear his way to see you as soon as possible.

To learn more about our comprehensive dental exams, or to schedule an appointment, please call 561-732-8877. We look forward to giving you the best of care!