Recovery Dentistry Treatment Solutions Oral Hygiene

Recovery Dentistry Treatment Solutions and Options

Our Recovery Dentistry treatment solutions are tailored to fit your precise needs. A plan for one’s treatment may be very simple.  Sometimes treatment may involve multiple procedures and phases. Dr. Alexander will explain each procedure and help you understand the process with photo images and 3-dimensional models. Once your individualized treatment solution has been outlined, it is important that every tooth needing treatment or replacement with a dental restoration be addressed in coordination with the others.

Treatment will be completed painlessly, in affordable phases over a handful of visits. Eliminating active disease, restoring your ability to eat the full range of nutritious foods, and maintaining regular excellent oral hygiene will be Dr. Alexander’s first goals, but he will never forget your desire for a naturally beautiful and healthy appearing smile. Every treatment he provides will move you towards that end objective, and together, with today’s dental materials and methods, you can get there.

Dr. Alexander will pay close attention to every detail of your care so the results are predictable and long lasting.

Post-Treatment Regular Checkups

Routine exams are essential if you want to preserve your teeth and enjoy ongoing oral health. After investing in addiction rehabilitation and full mouth restoration, most patients are eager to do everything they can to enjoy best oral health and a confident smile for the rest of their life. Dr. Alexander will recommend a frequency of appointments for professional dental cleanings and checkups. While you are our patient, we will make sure you receive individualized care that addresses your oral health needs and caters to your preferences long after treatment.

Periodontal (Gum) Treatment

Our expert dental hygienists, Vicki and Tammy, are 100% dedicated to improving the health of our patients. Excellent periodontal health is critical to much more than your oral health—it’s vital to your entire body’s health. Many studies have shown links between periodontal diseases and a number of other chronic health conditions. These include, but are not limited to heart disease, stroke, diabetes, respiratory disease, osteoporosis, and certain cancers.

In our office, we offer a non-surgical treatment solution called Scaling and Root Planning for treatment of gum disease. In this procedure, we provide local anesthesia (numbing) to the affected area. Vicki and Tammy can then effectively clean any residual calculus deposits out which will allow your gum tissue to heal naturally.

If more measures are needed to restore your periodontal tissue to health, Dr. Alexander will refer you to an expert local periodontal specialist (periodontist). He will also communicate fully with this specialist to ensure you receive the best of care. Be assured that recovery patients have been given optimal, kind and respectful care by Dr. Alexander’s specialists.

Recovery Oral Hygiene Counseling and Scheduling

You will always leave your appointment with a clear idea of the current state of your oral health. You will be given clear suggestions for areas of improvement in home care, including information about the latest technology and oral hygiene products you can use at home.  We may suggest areas to improve and individualized techniques when brushing and cleaning in between your teeth.

Discussions about smoking cessation and diet are also critical for many in recovery.  Each visit we touch base on these topics, educating, discussing and motivating change.

Dr. Alexander asks that you trust in his knowledge and genuine concern in your welfare when he outlines needed treatment to stop dental decay and periodontal infection. We will assist you scheduling the proper treatment and oral health maintenance appointments before you leave.

Recovery Oral Pain Management

Dr. Jamie Alexander of Boynton Beach, FL has an extensive knowledge of addiction recovery. He has four goals when it comes to dental pain management:

  1. To take care of your urgent dental needs to provide relief from dental pain.
  2. To deliver adequate local anesthetic during dental procedures to block local pain and at the same time not endanger your health.
  3. To counsel you in post-operative management of any discomfort, such as using an over-the-counter non-opioid pain reliever (for example, ibuprofen) and applying an ice pack to the outside of the cheek to ease swelling.
  4. To make sure you are comfortable, have all your questions answered, are fully alert, and are at ease before you walk out our door.

If you are experiencing a dental emergency or have an urgent dental concern, please call us at 561-732-8877.