Protecting against teeth grinding (bruxism) and jaw clenching when in recovery from addiction | Recovery Dentistry, Jamie J Alexander of Boynton Beach
December 19, 2016

Protecting Your Teeth from Grinding & Clenching

In recovery, your stress level is high and one of the oral health problems you may be suffering from is teeth grinding (bruxism) and clenching. Fortunately, Dr. Jamie Alexander—Boynton Beach’s “recovery dentist,” is an expert in treating teeth grinding and jaw clenching to eliminate muscle pain and excessive wear on your tooth enamel.

As stress levels increase, it is very common to unconsciously grind and clench your teeth. You may not be aware of the amount of grinding and clenching you are doing, especially during sleep. When the internal stress you are experiencing is transferred via your teeth, it puts significant force on your jaw joints (TMJs), muscles, teeth, tooth roots, tooth ligaments, jaw bone and gum tissue.

Many who are in recovery have tender muscles along their cheekbones, jaw joints, and temples. Their necks, jaws, and heads frequently ache. If you are experiencing this to any degree, Dr. Alexander recommends that you request an appointment to assess your oral health and determine if you should have a mouth guard to wear at night. He is an expert in making custom mouth guards so they are comfortable and appropriately seat your jaw in the joints to relax your jaw muscles while you sleep. These mouth guards, also known as bite splints, can teach your jaw muscles to relax. Many of our patients wear their bite splints during times of the day when they notice they are in pain. Relaxation and comfort are a big relief.

Learn how to deal with teeth grinding in addiction recovery

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Dr. Jamie Alexander

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