Recovering A Meth Drug User's Teeth
July 11, 2017

Thanks to today’s dentistry and the compassionate care of dentists like Dr. Jamie Alexander, in Boynton Beach, FL, individuals in methamphetamine recovery affected by drug user’s teeth decay can restore their oral health and smiles.

Recovery Dentist, Jamie J. Alexander, has advanced education in addiction recovery support, and, experience in restoring whole mouths devastated by the enamel erosion and rampant tooth decay associated with meth usage. Before oral health stabilization and improvement can begin of a drug user’s teeth, the patient must be in recovery and no longer using methamphetamine. Once in recovery, a comprehensive diagnostic workup and careful treatment planning will lead to step-by-step treatment of decayed teeth and infected gums. This treatment will allow the body, as well as the mouth to heal—and during the process, the aesthetics of the smile will be restored, and in many cases, cosmetically enhanced more than the pre-addiction appearance.

The goals of a drug user’s teeth recovery are to achieve optimal oral health that supports systemic health, optimal chewing function so you can comfortably eat the full range of nutritious foods, and a confident, attractive smile.

Understanding Damage of a Meth Drug User’s Teeth

Numerous factors contribute to the extensive enamel erosion, rampant tooth decay, gum disease, and even tooth loss characteristic of “meth mouth.”

  1. Methamphetamine is highly acidic.
  2. Methamphetamine also reduces saliva production, which buffers acid in the mouth.
  3. Users overlook normal oral hygiene during highs that last for 12 hours.
  4. Users crave sugar and typically have a diet high in carbohydrates and sugary drinks. This is an optimal environment for feeding bacteria to create more acid in the mouth and erode your teeth’s protective enamel.
  5. Chronic acid irritation and its associated inflammation often result in advanced gum disease and damage to the periodontal bone tissue surrounding tooth roots.
  6. Loose and painful teeth make eating nutritional foods difficult. Poor nutrition makes it difficult for the body to fight infection in the mouth and throughout the entire body.

Why You Must Be in Recovery Before Your Smile Can Be Restored

Unless you are not using, you will be unable to eliminate the chronic corrosive in your mouth, you will be unable to maintain a regular twice a day (or more) oral hygiene regimen, you will be highly unlikely to improve the nutrition your body needs for healing, and you will be highly likely to not comply with dental appointments. There is also another consideration. Local anesthetic used to numb the mouth during dental procedures that are uncomfortable will complicate your health risks and can interfere with your recovery. But, once you are following the path of sobriety, your body is healing, and your mental acuity returns, we can begin with the transitional care that will solve the immediate grave problems in your mouth and move you along towards the full smile recovery that will change your life.

Smile Recovery from Meth Mouth Will Change Your Life

Imagine having a mouth that doesn’t hurt…teeth that are stable when you chew…and a confident smile you are proud to show. Going out into the larger community to carry on a sober life becomes easier when you are not embarrassed by your mouth. For most patients, each improvement in their smile motivates them to continue sobriety and move forward with a healthy life.

Eliminating gum disease will go hand in hand with removing dental decay. Teeth can be restored with composite bonding and crowns. Missing teeth can be replaced with traditional crown and bridge treatment or a denture, depending on how many are lost on an arch. And, then, of course, implant therapy provides the highest standard care by filling in gaps with prosthetic teeth that feel, function, and appear completely natural. Cosmetic veneers may even be an option for some teeth. Treatment is unique to each patient and will depend a lot on your health history and the extent of the damage to the teeth and gums.

Dr. Jamie Alexander, the Recovery Dentist, located in Boynton Beach, FL, takes pride in rehabilitating whole mouths of those in meth recovery. Plus, he has a passion for helping his recovery patients stay in recovery. The kindness and genuine caring concern his entire dental team gives their patients create a lasting bond of hope and strength to pursue total health and a fuller life.

A complimentary initial consultation will give you the opportunity to sit privately with Dr. Alexander, share your story and burdens, talk about your oral health objectives, and get to know each other. In this warm environment, surrounded by love and understanding of your experience, you will learn, in more detail, how your oral health and smile rehabilitation can be achieved. You will be invited to have an exploratory examination of your mouth, and the choice to have this is yours. In recovery, you are in control of your life.

Even if a complete smile makeover is out of your financial reach right now, you need basic dental care. If you are a Florida resident within driving distance of Boynton Beach, you have an opportunity that Meth Recovery patients nationwide do not have. And, that is being in the care of a Recovery Dentist who will create a comprehensive plan for restoring your mouth and help you achieve this in phases you can afford. He will help you have the most conservative treatment options that will restore health. Are you dreaming of a beautiful smile, comfortable mouth, and total health recovery for a career and full social life? You don’t have to live with a drug user’s teeth once in recovery! Give Recovery Dentist Dr. Jamie J. Alexander a call today – 561-732-8877.



Dr. Jamie Alexander

Dr. Alexander is committed to providing the best health and dental care available within a warm, welcoming, and safe environment. Our goal at Recovery Dentistry is to build long-term relationships with our patients and provide services that are customized and appropriate for each individual. No matter your current state of dental health or feelings about your teeth, we are experts at helping move patients down the path to complete comfort and optimal dental health, function and esthetics.