After you complete your initial treatment in recovery, one of the first things you may decide to do is to look for a job. Working is a way to re-enter society in a healthy and productive way.

But how confident are you about your appearance? Certainly, you look better than days gone by, but your teeth may be showing signs of your former self in addiction, and may be keeping you from looking for a better job, or one that places you in the company of a lot of co-workers.

An Attractive Smile Opens Doors to Opportunity

As part of the your recovery, you may want a return to an attractive smile that will more easily open doors to new and better job opportunities. The damage to your teeth caused by your substance is an ever-present reminder of your past – a reminder that can still make you feel “less than” or unworthy. Addressing your most pressing dental issues in the short-term helps you regain that confidence you need to present yourself well to potential employers.

We Can Help You

Nothing gives Dr. Alexander and his staff greater pleasure than to watch the transformation of a patient in recovery. Many walk in our door feeling sad and dejected, ashamed of the way they look, afraid to smile. Once we begin the rehabilitation process, first addressing the more acute issues, we see a change. We witness restored confidence and pride. And doors start opening – making those restored smiles even wider! Call us at 561-732-8877 and let’s discuss how we can get you smiling again so you can nail the interview and get the job!



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